Financial Literacy Class at Goodwill

 Financial Literacy Class (1PM – 3PM) at Goodwill (1106 N Main St. Crossville, TN). Price: FREE. Visit OR call 931-266-4250 to register. Topics include: Creating a budget; setting financialContinue reading “Financial Literacy Class at Goodwill”

Main Street, Crossville, TN Year 1900

A brief look into Crossville, TN’s historic Main Street during the year 1900.

The TN Central in Cumberland County

The hidden history of how Cumberland County finally got the railroad to come through town.

The Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief & the Cumberland Plateau

The Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief’s role in signing a treaty giving the Scot-Irish settlers the rights to Cherokee hunting land and how it lead to the chiefs infamous assassination.

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