The Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief & the Cumberland Plateau

The Last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief’s role in signing a treaty giving the Scot-Irish settlers the rights to Cherokee hunting land and how it lead to the chiefs infamous assassination.

The Perseverance of Pioneers

“All the pioneers were brave, hardy, patient and ambitious. Yet the Tennessee backwoodsman was the sturdiest of all. The daily menace of Indians, the bear, the panther, the wolf, and the rattlesnake, and their isolation from the thickly settled communities of the East caused them to be self-reliant and independent.” (Moore, The Volunteer State, p.320)

The Beginning

“The adventures and the perils of Tennessee pioneers, their hearty sacrifices for the general good, their character for conduct and courage in war, their uniform devotion to the honour and greatness of the country, their rapid advance, and the impress of their wisdom, valour and patriotism which they have stamped upon their descendants, invite to the early history of their state the attention of every American, and secures the deepest regard of every Tennessean.”