How do you measure SUCCESS?

I saw a question today that said, “What were your parents doing at your age?” It got me thinking…thirty years ago, people measured success differently than we do today.

Back in 1993, the world was very different from today… 

person putting a videotape on a vhs player

That 90s Vibe.

-Czechoslovakia separated into two separate countries: Slovakia and Czech Republic.

-Michael Jordan scored his 20,000th point against Milwaukee and later announced his first retirement from the NBA.

-NBC offered “The Tonight Show” to David Letterman.

-Bill Clinton becomes the 42nd US President.

-Shania Twain released her debut album.

-“Walker, Texas Ranger” premiered and made Chuck Norris a household name.

-Dale Earnhardt wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

-Gas was only $1.11 per gallon.

-A dozen eggs cost $0.91, and milk was about $2.86 per gallon.

-The minimum wage was $4.25.

-Colleges were beginning the big push into a high schooler kid’s plans.

-The World Wide Web (WWW) launched in the public domain. The internet was still new, but gaining widespread popularity. 

-Working from home meant something different than it does now. 

-If you wanted to “watch something later,” it had to be taped on a VCR.

In general, life just seemed simpler, but the idea of success was still very present in each person’s mind.

To a man like Michael Jordan, his goal was simple: he wanted to dominate the world of sports, and he has. For entrepreneurs, their goal is to have a successful business that stays in the green. There are parents whose dream is for their children to be happy and healthy.

For most of us, we have several dreams we want to come true and many goals we hope to reach. Success is not measured with one giant stick/lines and numbers – it is measured by the simple things we do every day while working toward our dreams and goals.

We wake up everyday, we get dressed, we try to keep a clean house, we dedicate time to ourselves and our family, and we work hard to make a living. 

Bruce Lee once said, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

how do you measure success

While the world may be different now than it was in our parents’ time, the concept of success is still something important to us all. Everyone has their own definition of success. We all have our own battles to overcome each day. Each person has specific tasks or goals to meet. For some people, focusing on one thing at a time is the key to reaching a goal. For others, they need to keep the big picture in mind while they work on making their dreams come true. Either way – do not lose sight of your goals, hopes, and dreams

Here are a few tips:

Commit, learn, have fun, be positive, have perspective, be honest, no distractions, plan ahead, and take breaks when needed. Most importantly – never, ever give up. You’ve got this!



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