27 Inspirational Quotes about Success by Women

The definition of “success” will vary depending on who you ask. The common factor is this: to achieve success and accomplish our goals, we have to take action (plus a few risks) and stay motivated. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams – make them a reality!

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a little extra dose of inspiration to continue hustling towards the finish line! 

In honor of Women’s History Month, I put together some of my favorite quotes spoken by successful and powerful women throughout history: 

dolly parton quote
pat summitt quote
betty white quote
audrey hepburn quote
frida kahlo quote
dolly parton
helen keller
estee lauder
rosa parks
amelia earhart
barbra streisand
harriet tubman
jane goodall
maya angelou
betty white
carol burnett
serena williams
emily dickenson
anne frank
queen elizabeth II
eleanor roosevelt
reba mcentire
alex elle
oprah winfrey
amy poehler

°  °  ° 

If you keep going, you won’t regret it. If you give up, you will. Focus on your goals, and strive for progress – not perfection. 

Happy Women’s History Month! 

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