Myth: Traditional staffing companies charge the employee to find them work.

Fact of the matter is staffing companies can save your business time and money. Staffing is a streamlined way of hiring qualified employees.

Staffing companies are the go-to middle man for screened and qualified candidates. Recruiters conduct resume reviews, take care of application hassles, interviews, drug tests, background checks, qualification checks, skills assessment, reference checks, and the list goes on. 

By hiring staffing recruiters the headache is taken out of hiring. The recruiters will find your company the right candidate for the job. Many businesses conduct walk-throughs to make sure the candidate can do the job required of them. 

It is a simple process, but staffing companies often scare people because of the myths floating around. 

So, let’s bust a myth. How do staffing companies make their money?

Most people believe that job seekers or employees pay them out of their pocket. This is a misunderstanding, staffing companies are paid by the business looking to hire qualified candidates. 

Typically, staffing companies charge 25% or more of the hired employee’s wage. That is, if the new employee is a temporary candidate or a temporary-to-hire.

For example: If an employee makes $10 per hour, the agency charges 25% of that employee’s hourly wage. The employee still receives their full pay, nothing comes out of their paycheck. 

If a business is looking for a direct hire then a flat rate cost is charged or a finder’s fee.

The benefits simply outweigh the costs. The process is headache free, streamlined, fast, flexible and the staffing company takes the risks. Most importantly these types of payments are fair for everyone involved, and the new employee is not charged for acquiring a new job. 

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