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Have you ever heard a basketball coach say: “A quiet gym is a losing gym?” It’s true. A championship team has excellent communication. It is what makes their game plan work. Each player knows their teammates well enough to predict their movements on the court. They know and respect each other’s communication style. The entire team knows what is expected of them throughout the game plan.

where there is respect - there is excellent communication

Where there is respect – there is excellent communication. Where there is communication – you will find success. 

In staffing, communication poses a few difficulties because employees are spread throughout multiple locations. So, this is why we get creative and find consistency in what works for us.

where there is communication - you will find success

What we do at SmallBiz to keep communication flowing:

  1. Personality Assessment:
  • Vicki (SmallBiz president) wanted to assess how each of us in the office communicate and behave in a work environment. All of us filled out our own 10-minute questionnaire, which was analyzed and sent to us in a team report. It was interesting (and pretty accurate!) to see our results compared to our coworkers. We highly recommend keeping your team’s assessment in mind when communicating at work! 
  • For more on communication styles see LINK POST
there are over 23 billion texts sent per day around the world

2. Messaging:

  • Texting has been a revolution in our society for a long time. There are over 23 billion texts sent per day around the world. In staffing we have taken this obsession and use it to further our business. 
  • Automated messaging has brought game changing communication standards to staffing. We use this in multiple ways: application reminders, First Day Sheets, Success Tips, marketing outreach, employee information updates, timesheet reminders, employee referrals, reviews, surveys, and so much more. We learn new ways to reach our employees with messaging everyday. 
  • Besides automated messaging our recruiters use this platform to personally communicate with new, current, and previous employees. Often texting is the easiest way to get in touch with employees and candidates. Anytime one of our employees or applicants have a question they can send our recruiters a simple text.
  • This level of professionalism in communication has allowed our business to grow to new heights in reaching our employees and potential candidates.

3. Email Updates:

  • The world of email has been around a long time, but today it is right in your pocket on your phone. Before only professionals used this technology at the office, now we all use it. 
  • In our staffing office we send countless emails a day, but in marketing, we use it to update potential candidates on hot jobs, agency updates, applications, newsletters, blog updates, and community events. 
  • If you are not following us you should!

4. Calendar:

  • This is how we are able to know each other’s schedules, and most importantly, when someone will be out of the office.
  • We also use our calendar to book meetings and employee interviews!
  • You can book a meeting with us HERE.
communication and a team work standard makes the office flow smoothly

5. Group Chat:

  • We constantly communicate. If someone has a question or a new candidate just walked in the door we shoot a message to the group so work can continue to flow without interruption.

6. Weekly Meetings:

  • Our weekly team meetings are never short on entertainment. We do our best to keep a family atmosphere but most importantly we use this time to catch up on work and life. 
  • This time is also used for any training that is needed: new software, new practices, reviews, CPR, and so on.

Constant communication and a team work standard makes the office flow smoothly.

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