Myth: Staffing agencies only offer temporary positions.

What types of employment do staffing agencies offer?

Before that question can be answered, let’s look at the different types of staffing agencies out there. 

An Employment Agency is defined as an agency whose business is to find jobs for people or to fill jobs for businesses seeking employees.

Contingency Employment Agency: This type of agency is paid once their candidate is hired on by the employer. Candidates often compete with multiple other people who applied for the same position. 

Retained Search Firms: Simply put these firms are “headhunters.” They are paid expenses and a percentage of the employee’s salary. Typically, this type of firm is hired for senior level positions. 

Temporary Agencies: The definition is in the name. These agencies fill temporary positions or “temp to perm” jobs. Despite their bad reputation they do offer benefits, such as health insurance and resume perks. 

Traditional Employment Agency: These agencies help job seekers find positions that best fit them while helping companies hire qualified staff. The job seeker is not charged for their services. Typically, the company looking for staffing pays a fee. 

The myth most people associate with staffing agencies is they only hire for temporary positions. This is not true. 

Let’s look at each type of work offered:

Temporary to hire: Candidates are first hired as a temporary worker, but if that company wants to keep the candidate they can offer them a full-time contract. Temporary simply means the candidate is trying out for the company and showing they are a solid employee.

Direct placement: Often companies need a specific position filled. These are usually people with a certain skill set and experience. A finders fee is usually charged for these hires. Staffing companies will send out recruiters to find this candidate for the seeking company to hire them for permanent placement.

Temporary staffing: These positions are only meant to be worked for a short period of time. Temporary work can be seasonal or filling in for an employee on leave. It can also be short-term construction projects. 

Don’t let the temporary or the temporary to hire positions scare you, they have numerous benefits. These jobs allow your resume to build, learn new skills, insights on new career opportunities and contacts for future employment.

If a staffing agency does not have the job or type of work you are looking for do not hesitate to reach out. Recruiters have the skills and contacts to find the opportunity you may be looking for. People are the best resource. 

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