Myth: Staffing companies cannot help with your job search.

Need help “getting your foot in the door?” That’s exactly what staffing companies do. Often people graduate from college or technical school and just need a start. Staffing companies are the job source that is not always thought of. They are the hidden gem in the job board world. These agencies are full of resources for finding that perfect first fit. Fresh graduates usually do not have much experience with job shopping or much to put on their resume, and that is where the human resource professionals in staffing can help.

Sometimes there are situations where someone has all the experience in the world but no degree or schooling to back it. Again, this is where a staffing company can help.  Recruiters understand the situation and can help find the job to fit your experience. 

Another area of expertise in staffing agencies is resumes. Those intimidating pieces of paper are vital when applying for jobs. Seek out your local staffing agency, they know just what to do.

Often the myth is staffing companies only staff for the jobs they have listed. This is not true. Staffing agencies can use their resources to find the job you are looking for and give your career the boost it needs. 

Use your local resources to your advantage. 

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