Finding Gratitude at Work

Oftentimes work is a hated place. People wake up dreading the day. Getting up and getting to the place you have to go to live. Working for a living has a bad reputation at times. But, here’s the thing, where would you be without a job?

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Here are a few thoughts to be thankful for at work:

The situation that creates your job.

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Be thankful for the people you work with.

Whether we want to admit it or not we are social beings. So, don’t be afraid to tell your co-worker thank you. You might just make their day.

Be thankful for competition.

It drives you and it motivates you. Let’s be honest, competition is fun!

Be thankful for self-motivation.

Push yourself to be the best you can.

Money in the bank account.

We all need the green to live.

Learn new things.

Always be a student, you never know what you may learn each day.

Using your knowledge at work.

Many of us went to a technical school or college to gain new skills. Make the most of getting to use them each day at work.

Appreciate those days off!

A vacation sounds nice don’t it?

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