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Why work for SmallBiz?

“5 years ago I began my HR journey. My connection with SmallBiz started before I ever applied. I was introduced to the staff through networking and realized quickly they were more than just co-workers, they were family. When I found myself searching for a new job, I immediately reached out to their team. They brought me into the office for an interview and were eager to help. They offered me a position in the office and I was excited to become part of the family. I have now been with SmallBiz going on 2 years, and I am happy that I made the decision to join this team.” – Anjalee, SmallBiz Team Member

Frequently asked questions:

-Benefits? Insurance, Weekly Pay, Holidays, & 401K (*after 1 year full-time employees are eligible for paid time off and 401K)

-Age? Employees must be 18 or older.

-Drug Testing? Each candidate is drug tested before placement.

-Background Checks? Each candidate is background checked before placement.

-W-2? Each employee will be emailed their W-2 and another will follow via postage.

Types of Employment:

-Temp to Hire: Company’s first hire an employee as temporary then at the end of their contract can offer to hire them on permanently.

-Direct Placement: A company can directly hire on a candidate for a permanent position.

-Temporary Jobs: These positions are only meant to be worked for a short period of time. Examples are seasonal positions or filling in for an employee on leave.

-Benefits: learn new skills, boost your resume, insight on new career opportunities, new contacts


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