A Tennessee Thanksgiving and ALCOA Aluminum

More often than not we go straight from Halloween to focusing on Christmas. Especially with the prices of presents getting higher and higher every year. But, let’s not overlook our day of Thanks.

In 1621 the English Colonist hosted the famous feast alongside the Wampanoag symbolizing the turkey filled meal we have today. The Colonists had days of Thanksgiving often where they took the time to thank God for each blessing bestowed upon them. 

In the mid-19th century the Northerners had a hold on the government and thought a national day of thanks should be held. In support, Abraham Lincoln declared on October 3, 1863 that Thursday, November 26 shall be Thanksgiving. 

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Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the US, but other factors have come into how we celebrate. In Tennessee, aluminum has been one of our biggest influences.

The Aluminum Corporation of America (now known as ALCOA) was founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 1888. But when the cost to produce electricity became too much they moved to Tennessee with hopes of using hydroelectric power. Their plan to use rivers and tributaries for power outdated the Tennessee Valley Authority by three decades. 

In the beginning of the 20th century, ALCOA broke into the aluminum cookware and utensil industry. Their popularity fell when buyers did not know how to tend to their products. Eventually, they put together a team for their Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company to show customers how to use their products properly. Popularity grew, sales took off, and by 1912 ALCOA took hold of the aluminum cookware market.

Fast-forward to today, are you using their roaster or their aluminum foil to cover up those delicious left-overs? Whether you are or not, it is hard to deny the Tennessee influence on everything from aluminum foil to that ice cold glass of sweet tea we all wash our turkey down with. 


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